What Size of Breast Implants should You Get?

Breast Implant Sizes | Plastic Surgery Las Vegas | Breast AugmentationThe final outcome in breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure will be impacted by the type and size of implants that a patient has chosen. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss the size aspect closely with the surgeon and make the optimal decision. Dr. Bryson Richards is an experienced plastic surgeon providing breast implants and other procedures to patients in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding communities.


Choosing the Implant Size

Breast implants are available in various sizes ranging from 120cc to 960cc. A number of factors should be considered while choosing the size of implants:


Personal Aesthetic Goals

Breast augmentation plastic surgery is usually performed for aesthetic reasons. Whether the patient has a goal to make the under-sized breasts more proportionate to the rest of the body, or she simply desires more voluptuous breasts even though the current breast size is normal, will make a difference to the size choice.


Natural Breast Size

One of the limitations in choosing the breast implants will be the size of natural breasts. The breasts should have sufficient extra tissue to cover the implant without causing rippling or other problems. If only limited tissue is available, it may not be possible to choose very large implant sizes.


Breadth of Chest and Shoulders

The chest and shoulder breadth or the size of the frame will differ for each patient. Breast implants are typically available with different base widths. Therefore, the patient will have to choose a size that works well with her frame.


Personal Lifestyle

Breast implant surgery is a long-term procedure. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will discuss the patient’s lifestyle in order to make the right recommendation of implant size. Women who enjoy playing outdoor sports, running, climbing, swimming, body building or perform other physically straining activities, may do better with a moderate size of implants. Large implant sizes may hamper their ability to exercise optimally.


Proportion and Symmetry

The choice of implant sizes is not just about how bigger the breasts may appear. It is also about creating the right proportion and symmetry to make the breasts more visually appealing. Many women seek breast augmentation surgery just to achieve more even and symmetrical breasts.

In such cases, the size of implants will be chosen accordingly, and some women may have to use differently sized implants on each side. Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV and nearby locations for breast implant surgery.


Profile Appearance

When selecting the implant size, the patient will also have to consider what kind of profile she wants. If the patient desires a moderate profile, she may have to choose implants with minimal projection. These implants will not stick out much from the chest, and are usually well-suited for patients with a wide chest.

Women who seek a slightly higher profile than a moderate profile may choose moderate-plus profile. These implants will project slightly more than moderate implants, and will be marginally tapered. These are good for women with a small and narrow chest.

High profile implants may be chosen by women who seek maximum projection and cleavage. These implants have a smaller base so they project more.


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