Liposuction Risks | Cosmetic Surgery | Lake Havasu | Las VegasLiposuction Surgery: Safety and Risks

Liposuction cosmetic surgery has emerged as a popular procedure for several reasons, and one of them is its high safety record. Innovative surgical techniques and new technologies have increased the safety profile of liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is the most common technique adopted by cosmetic surgeons today, which avoids the need for general anesthesia altogether. Laser and ultrasound technologies are also combined with traditional liposuction plastic surgery sometimes to achieve more effective outcomes with less invasive surgery. Dr. Bryson Richards is a dedicated plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other procedures to patients in and around Las Vegas. During the initial consultation, he will discuss all the potential risks and complications of liposuction to help the patient make an informed choice.

Common Risks and Complications

Despite a high safety record, liposuction cosmetic surgery will still involve some common risks that are typically associated with any surgical procedure. These risks include the following: Anesthesia Risks In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon may decide to perform the procedure using general anesthesia, which involves inherent risks. However, this risk can be minimized if the procedure is performed on the right candidate who is fit enough to undergo the surgery with general anesthesia. Secondly, a skilled and experienced anesthesiologist will be able to perform the procedure with minimal risk.

Bleeding and Infection

Risks If the patient suffers from a certain medical condition, which may aggravate the risk of bleeding during liposuction, the plastic surgeon should not consider such a candidate for surgery. Infection risks are inherent to any surgical procedure, but the surgeon can minimize them by taking complete precautions. Dr. Richards performs liposuction in a completely sterile environment to keep the risk of infection to a negligible level for his patients in Las Vegas.

Numbness and Altered Skin Sensation

Temporary numbness and minor changes in the skin sensation in the treated area are common which will resolve on their own with time. However, in some cases, the alterations in skin sensation may persist. This may also happen if the surgeon performs a more aggressive procedure to achieve the desired aesthetic goals.

Risk of Damage to Deeper Structures

Liposuction is usually a highly safe procedure, as long as the surgeon adopts a conservative approach to fat reduction. However, if the procedure is performed by a lesser experienced surgeon, or an aggressive surgical approach is adopted, it may result in damage to deeper structures such as muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lungs, and abdominal organs.

Persistent Bruising or Swelling

In most cases, the bruising and swelling will subside on its. Swelling may take several months to subside complete. However, if the patient is prone to poor wound healing, or due to some other causes, the bruising or swelling may persist for a longer period.

Aesthetic Risks

The risk of asymmetry or irregular contours will exist, particularly if the treatment plan does not take into account the appearance of other body parts. Sometimes irregular pigmentation may occur following the liposuction procedure, which can create aesthetic concerns for the patient. Rippling or worsening of cellulite may also occur in a few patients.

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Liposuction Surgery | Plastic Surgeon | Lake Havasu | Las VegasLiposuction Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction cosmetic surgery is a fairly customizable procedure that can be tailored to meet the individual aesthetic needs of a patient. For a new patient, it is important to understand all aspects of the plastic surgery procedure in order to make an informed decision. They should clarify all their doubts and concerns with the cosmetic surgeon, and only once they are fully satisfied, they should go ahead with the procedure.

The final decision rests with the patient because liposuction is an elective surgery. The patient will have to fill up the consent forms declaring that they have fully understood the potential risks associated with the procedure, and accept those risks. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Bryson Richards addresses all concerns and queries of the patient in adequate detail. Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas and surrounding communities for liposuction.

Surgeon’s Experience and Training

Liposuction cosmetic surgery should be performed only by a qualified and experienced surgeon. The patient should ask questions about the surgeon’s background and choose to go ahead with the procedure only when properly satisfied with the information.

  • How many years have you already spent in terms of training and experience to perform plastic surgery procedures?
  • Do you have specific experience of performing liposuction procedure in the past?
  • What is your past success rate with respect to surgical procedures in general?
  • Do you prefer to use general anesthesia for liposuction, or perform tumescent liposuction using local anesthesia?

Previous Patients

  • Will I receive access to liposuction before and after images of previous patients at your practice?
  • Do you receive liposuction patients only from Las Vegas or also from surrounding areas?
  • Is it possible for me to talk to any of your staff members to know more about your practice?
  • Do you have a policy at your practice in the event of a need for a revisionary procedure following liposuction?

Surgical Procedure

  • How long the surgical procedure may last in my case?
  • Do I make a stellar candidate for liposuction cosmetic surgery?
  • Do you recommend liposuction in combination with another procedure to achieve the desired outcome in my case?
  • Can you provide me with a video of the actual liposuction surgery being performed?
  • Will the surgery in my case be performed as an outpatient procedure or will it require an overnight stay?

Potential Risks

  • What are the potential risks and complications involved in liposuction surgery?
  • What steps can I take to reduce the risk?
  • Will it be necessary to re-schedule my existing medications or herbal supplements?
  • Should I acquire an insurance policy against potential risks and complications during surgery?


  • What will be the approximate downtime involved?
  • Will I have to undergo a considerable period of pain and discomfort?
  • What kind of temporary lifestyle changes I may be required to adopt?

Experienced surgeons will usually address most of the patient’s concerns of their own accord, without the patient having to ask so many questions during the pre-op consultations.

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Liposuction Recovery | Plastic Surgery | Lake Havasu | Las VegasLiposuction Surgery Recovery

A number of surgical techniques to perform liposuction cosmetic surgery are available today. Recovery process will depend on the technique used as well as the extent of surgery performed. Some patients may need only minor liposuction plastic surgery in a small area such as neck, chin, knees or calves, while some others may need the surgery in multiple areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, or breasts.

The patient’s health status and their natural ability to heal will also make a difference to how quickly the recovery is completed. Dr. Bryson Richards is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other procedures to patients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. During the initial consultation, he will discuss various aspects of the surgery, including the expected recovery process.

Recovery Period

Busy moms and working people will typically be more concerned about the downtime involved in liposuction. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss the estimated recovery period during the initial consultation to help the patient make an informed decision. Most of the patients may be able to return to their workplace after a week, provided the job does put undue physical stress in the treated areas for the first few weeks. If the cosmetic surgery has been more extensive, involving multiple areas, the downtime may be up to two weeks.

To expedite the healing process and to reduce swelling, the cosmetic surgeon will wrap the treated area with a compressive garment once the procedure is over. Swelling and bruising will begin to reduce quickly after the first week, but the swelling will completely disappear only after several months. The patient will feel more confident as the new, enhanced body contour shows gradually.

Instructions for the Patient

The plastic surgeon will provide detailed care instructions to be followed during the recovery. Dr. Richards makes sure that his patients in Las Vegas and other areas know the best ways to protect themselves against infections and heal faster with minimal pain and discomfort. The instructions will typically cover the following aspects:

o Caring for the wounds in the initial period until the temporary drains are in place.
o When to use pain medications and antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.
o Unusual signs to look for, when the surgeon must be contacted for an emergency review.
o Date for the first follow-up visit for removal of drains and sutures, and review of the healing progress.

Questions about Recovery

The patient should clarify their doubts and concerns related to recovery at the time of pre-op consultations, or following the procedure before they leave the office. Some of the typical queries may be as follows:

o Should I arrange for additional help for home for a few days?
o How long will I have to wear the compression garment, and should it be worn full-time?
o What kind of light exercises should I perform to expedite recovery?
o When will I be able to return to work and perform my daily activities normally?

Recovery will be relatively faster in case the surgeon makes use of tumescent surgical technique for liposuction, which does not involve general anesthesia.

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