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Liposuction is a fat reduction cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improving the body contours. The procedure may be performed independently or in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures. Both traditional and modern surgical techniques are applied for liposuction, depending on the decision of the cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Bryson Richards is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other procedures to patients in Las Vegas and other areas. During the initial consultation, Dr. Richards will discuss various aspects of the procedure and show liposuction before and after photographs to the patient. His goal is to ensure that the patient makes a well-informed decision with full knowledge of what liposuction can or cannot do for them.

What are Liposuction Before and After Pictures?

Before and after pictures in case of liposuction cosmetic surgery refer to a pair or group of images belonging to a previous patient who has been through liposuction already with successful results. The images are taken before the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when swelling and bruising is subsided and full effects of the surgery have appeared. The plastic surgeon will take these photos with the consent of the patient, and present them before new patients in a discreet way.

The goal of the surgeon is to educate new patients about various aspects of liposuction surgery with the help of these photos. Liposuction ‘before and after’ images serve as an effective visual aid to show the potential aesthetic usefulness of the procedure. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Richards likes to provide his patients with access to before and after pictures at the time of pre-op consultation.


A new patient seeking liposuction plastic surgery may not necessarily have a complete idea of what the procedure can or cannot do for them. Some patients may need a more extensive liposuction procedure in multiple areas of the body, while others may need only a limited liposuction in a specific body part.

The surgeon may recommend liposuction as an additional procedure along with a tummy tuck, breast reduction, mommy makeover or other procedures in some cases. For a patient, it can get confusing as to what may be the best treatment approach in their case. This is where the surgeon can make use of liposuction before and after photos in order to help the patient make the right choices.

Having Realistic Expectations

Any fantastic plastic surgeon will always like to ensure that the patient has a positive mindset, clear cosmetic goals, and realistic expectations before going ahead with the surgery. Liposuction ‘before and after’ photos can help in this process. The patient will know clearly what to expect and what not to expect from the outcome of the procedure. This avoids any chance of disappointment later on.

Online Photos

The surgeon has an option to provide liposuction before and after photos on their practice website. New patients can review the photos online in the privacy of their home or office even before they make up their mind about visiting the surgeon for a consultation.

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Cosmetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Las VegasLiposuction and its Correlating Cost

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery not only because of its effective outcomes, but also because the procedure may be more cost-effective and produce the desired results with low risk and less downtime. The cosmetic surgeon can target the specific areas of the body with unwanted fat cells, and help the patient meet their goals with liposuction surgery.

Dr. Bryson Richards is a committed plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other surgical procedures for the breast, body, and face to patients in and around Las Vegas. During the initial consultation, Dr. Richards will discuss various aspects of liposuction plastic surgery, including its cost estimate in order to help the patient make an informed choice.

Factors that Influence the Cost

The cost of liposuction cosmetic surgery can differ between two practices, and may even differ between two patients at the same practice. A number of factors will go into determining the overall cost of the procedure.

Where the Practice is Located

Practice location can make a difference to the overall cost of liposuction plastic surgery. This happens because cost of living may be variable from place to place. For instance, the cost of liposuction in Las Vegas, NV may not be the same as the cost in Austin, TX.

Fee of the Plastic Surgeon

The plastic surgeon may charge their fee on the basis of their qualifications, experience and reputation in the area of liposuction. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommends that a patient should choose the right surgeon for their needs, and factors such as the surgeon’s fee should only be considered as secondary.

Surgical Facility and Anesthesia Costs

If the procedure is extensive, the cosmetic surgeon may decide to use general anesthesia for liposuction. In such a case, the anesthesiologist’s fee must be considered, which can vary depending on their expertise and reputation. If the surgical facility provides high quality equipment, experienced staff, and personalized care and attention, the cost of the facility may be a little higher when compared to an average operating room.

How Complex is the Procedure

The cost of liposuction will also be a function of the total length and complexity of the procedure involved. Each case is different, and the aesthetic goals of patients are also different. A customized treatment for a large area such as hips, abdomen, thighs, or back is likely to cost more than standard treatment for a smaller treatment area such as cheeks, neck, or knees.

Average Cost

Liposuction average cost will typically range between $5,000 and $12,000 based on multiple factors. The ASPS released national average cost figures for 2013 in the US, according to which the average cost of liposuction was $2,866. However, the ASPS clarified that this basic average cost did not include the costs of anesthesia, if any, operating room expenses, and related costs.

Insurance may or may not be covered, fully or partially, depending on the nature of surgery and the patient’s health policy terms. The procedure can be financed conveniently through a medical care finance company, bank loans, personal borrowings, or other sources.

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Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Plastic Surgery | Las Vegas Liposuction Overview

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reduce stubborn pockets of fat from specific areas of the body. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures to achieve more comprehensive outcomes. Liposuction may address single or multiple areas of the body, depending on the aesthetic goals of a patient.

Dr. Bryson Richards is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction and a range of other procedures for the breast, body and face. Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas and surrounding areas for liposuction. He will first determine the suitability of a candidate before recommending the best available treatment options.

Fat Reduction

Many times a person may have moderate body weight, but may be bothered by the presence of unwanted fat deposits in certain areas of the body such as thighs, buttocks, calves, abdomen, neck, knees, or arms. In such cases, the cosmetic surgeon may suggest liposculpture or liposuction surgery to remove excess fats and enhance the body contour.

State of the art surgical techniques such as tumescent liposuction have made the procedure safer, less invasive, and more effective. Sometimes liposuction cosmetic surgery may be performed in combination with laser therapy. The goal is to focus on a specific area of the body and surgically remove deeper layers of fat.

Who Needs Liposuction?

Dr. Richards is a dedicated plastic surgeon for liposuction surgery in Las Vegas. He will evaluate the patient on various parameters before recommending liposuction. An outstanding candidate for this cosmetic surgery will be an adult with moderate and stable body, but suffering from excess fat deposits in one or more parts of the body.

If diet and exercise have not managed to reduce the fats, liposuction may be the right treatment. Such fat deposits may occur due to genetic factors, aging, lack of exercise and fitness, or other factors. Patients should know that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.


Traditional liposuction plastic surgery procedure may be performed using general anesthesia or IV sedation. However, with tumescent liposuction technique, the need for general anesthesia is avoided. The surgeon will make a small incision in a pre-determined area. A solution with local anesthetic and adrenaline is injected to keep the patient comfortable and minimize the risk of bleeding.

The cosmetic surgeon will use a cannula to dislodge stubborn fat cells, which will then be suctioned out with a syringe attached to the cannula. The total procedure may be completed in one to three hours in most cases. However, if the procedure is extensive, it may be performed over two days because only a limited amount of fat should be removed in a single day.


In case of tumescent liposuction, the recovery will be faster because it avoids general anesthesia and the procedure is less invasive. The patient may return to their regular activities or go to work after about a week. Vigorous exercises and heavy lifting of weights should be avoided for at least four to six weeks.
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