PDO Thread Lift

MINT Thread Lift

Richards Cosmetic Surgery Med Spa & Laser Center offers a unique non-surgical alternative to facelift called MINT lift to reduce facial wrinkles and creases, including nasolabial folds. It will also correct unsightly jowls, neck bands, and droopy eyelids. MINT lift involves the use of a patented PDO thread lift technology with the most robust dissolvable threads available today. 

With the revolutionary, minimally invasive MINT PDO technique, we can help you achieve profound facial rejuvenation results instantly while minimizing downtime and discomfort. The polydioxanone (PDO) barbed sutures in this one-of-a-kind procedure are configured in a helical pattern of 360 degrees and press molded to deliver safe yet dramatic outcomes. 

How Does MINT Lift Work?

MINT PDO thread lift avoids the need for general anesthesia and surgical incisions. The PDO threads have tiny barbs precisely molded and placed all around them. Dr. Richards will strategically place the threads into the affected areas of your skin at precise depths. As the barbs anchor onto the loose or sagging facial skin, he will maneuver the thread to create a subtle facelift with more defined and youthful skin appearance. 

The MINT lift procedure will not just correct the unsightly facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds instantly, but the results will continue to improve over time. The embedded PDO threads will promote the process of neovascularization and stimulate new collagen fiber formation from within. This will help improve your skin volume and elasticity, and smooth the skin texture and tone for a timeless facial rejuvenation. 

The Only FDA-Cleared PDO Thread for Nasolabial Fold Reduction

MINT PDO procedure sets itself apart from others in safety and efficacy. It is the first and only PDO suture device of its kind to have been cleared by the FDA for nasolabial fold depth reduction. The FDA clearance for a major face lifting indication is the strongest demonstration of this patented medical device’s capability to a non-surgical facelift and wrinkle reduction to suitable candidates. 

Unlike traditional PDO threads, MINT PDO does not cut the barbs from the thread’s integral core. It utilizes a patented manufacturing process to press-mold the barbs on to the thread’s surface to ensure superior structural integrity. The barbs are helically positioned in 360 degrees to optimize the anchoring and tensile strength. As a result, the MINT PDO threads can be anchored securely onto the 3D structure of your facial soft tissue for more powerful and longer lasting results. 

Benefits of a MINT Lift

  • PDO material has decades of safety record in the medical world
  • MINT PDO is completely safe and gets naturally absorbed in the body
  • It is the only FDA-cleared PDO thread for nasolabial fold reduction
  • Patented 360-degree helical barbs for a powerful skin lifting effect 
  • Patented mold press technique for unmatched natural looking results
  • Preservation of the thread’s structural integrity for sustainable results
  • Four time stronger tensile strength compared to conventional threads
  • It causes minimal tissue trauma and minimal tissue reaction 
  • No downtime involved and no post-treatment scarring 
  • Results can last for up to one year or even longer with a MINT lift 
  • New collagen production helps continually improve results over time
  • Compatible with Botox, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing

Is a MINT Lift Right for You?

Are you looking to reverse your facial signs of aging without surgery? Meet Dr. Richards to determine if you are a good candidate for a MINT PDO thread lift. If you have moderate wrinkles and folds around the nasolabial area, mouth, eyelids, and neck or are seeking a rejuvenated face with a defined jawline, Dr. Richards can customize MINT lift to address your unique needs in a safe, minimally invasive way. 

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