TRL Erbium Resurfacing

Erase Skin Damage with the Sciton Contour TRL™ Treatment

  • Ideal for erasing visible skin damage and improving skin texture
  • Computer controlled laser with multiple treatment levels
  • Restores youthful-looking skin
  • Consistently delivers superior results

As we age, the quality of the skin can diminish and leave us with fine lines, blotchiness, and deep wrinkles. Now we can take years off your appearance with laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Richards is proud to offer the Contour Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL™) at his medical spa, a customizable laser skin rejuvenation treatment that delivers a full field of resurfacing, from the MicroLaserPeel™ up to deeper laser skin resurfacing peels. This treatment is preformed by our laser specialists, Lynette and Cadia.

The Sciton TRL is one of the most advanced and sophisticated laser skin rejuvenation systems available. Since it’s a computer-controlled delivery, we can target only damaged areas of the skin and leave the rest of the skin intact. This speeds up recovery and provides a much better result than an all-over laser protocol.


Benefits of the Contour TRL Erbium Laser

The TRL Erbium laser can be used to perform several different skin rejuvenation treatments. It can be performed on the face and virtually anywhere on the body. It is specially effective for:

  • Treating mild to deep wrinkles
  • Tightening lax skin around the eyes
  • Improving skin texture and tone
  • Treating pigmented lesions
  • Lightening acne scars and surgical scars
  • Treating actinic keratoses

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bryson Richards, is proud to offer the Sciton Contour TRL treatment at his practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of our laser treatments are performed by our certified laser specialist, Lynette Stephens. Lynette has extensive experience using Erbium laser resurfacing technologies and has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She will customize a treatment plan that addresses all of your major skin concerns.


How Contour TRL Works

One of the unique features of the Contour TRL system is its dual-mode erbium:YAG laser technology. Erbium lasers vaporize tissue without emitting a lot of heat which greatly reduces the risk of burns and also delivers a better result. We can adjust the depth of ablation and the depth of coagulation with great precision so every treatment can be tailored to the patient’s individual concerns. The Contour TRL continues to deliver superior results and is one of the safest and most effective treatments for restoring the skin .

This treatment involves passing the laser over the skin to break down damaged skin and trigger collagen production. Whether you are getting a micro peel or a deeper peel,  the skin will peel a day or two after treatment and continue to renew itself. You will see progressive results as the skin heals. Most patients can wear makeup a few days after a micro peel but will need to protect their skin for several days after a more aggressive laser treatment.


Contact Dr. Richards

Dr. Richards understands every patient has unique concerns about their skin and that one particular laser is not suitable for all. This is why his practice philosophy is based on customization. He provides one-on-one consultations and makes sure every patient is well-educated about their skin and their treatment options.

If you’re concerned about lines, wrinkles, acne, or other skin issues, find out if the Contour TRL treatment is right for you. Scheduled your consultation with our laser specialist to find out how the Contour TRL could help erase skin damage and restore your youthful complexion.

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