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Upper eyelid surgery in Las Vegas for $4000.

The most fragile and delicate area of the body is the skin of the eyelid, and the adjacent skin surrounding the orbital area, which is why the eyes are often the first to display the visible signs of aging. This is also why the eyes are the most vulnerable to the damaging aesthetic impact of stress, poor sleep habits, sun damage, and environmental exposure.  Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is designed to improve the appearance of the eyelid, and to correct many aesthetic issues pertaining to the eye area, effectively allowing patients to achieve a youthfully rejuvenated and well-rested appearance.*

Eyelid surgery can be customized to focus on the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both areas, and can be performed to:

  • Correct folds in the upper eyelid, which can change the natural contour of the eyes and potentially impair eyesight*
  • Minimize the appearance of “crow’s feet” (fine lines and wrinkles around the eye)*
  • Decrease the visibility of “bags” under the eyes*
  • Improve the appearance of sagging, droopy, or puffy lower eyelids.*
  • Address swollen upper eyelids by removing excess fatty deposits.*

Amending any or all of the aforementioned problems will dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes, helping you to look more alert, refreshed, and well-rested. The surgical techniques employed during eyelid surgery require meticulous accuracy and precision, which is why your eyelid surgery should only be performed by a gifted plastic surgeon such as Dr. Bryson Richards, whose private practice is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. While in Dr. Richards’ care, you can rest easy knowing that every precaution will be taken to ensure a safe and successful blepharoplasty outcome.*

*Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


Blepharoplasty procedures can be broken down into three distinct surgeries, which can be performed alone or in combination, and may be undertaken as ancillary procedures to other facial surgeries (i.e. facelift, brow lift).  In all cases, Dr. Richards will take great care to ensure that the incisions are discreetly placed so that scars are hidden with the natural structures of the eye.

  • Lower Eyelid Lift: ideally suited for the correction of sagging and drooping of the lower eyelid and bags underneath the eyes. During this procedure, Dr. Richards will make an incision in the lower lash line to excise surplus skin and make other aesthetic improvements.
  • Upper Eyelid Lift: this surgery requiresan incision in the naturally-occurring crease of the upper eyelid, through which Dr. Richards will remove excess skin, tighten the appropriate musculature and/or skin, and remove or adjust fatty deposits.
  • Transconjunctival Lower Eyelid Surgery: this technique involves atransconjunctival incision, hidden inside the lower eyelid, which Dr. Richards will utilize to remove or adjust excess fat, and to correct lower eyelid ptosis (sagging, loose skin).

Your eyelid surgery will be performed as an outpatient procedure under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, and typically requires a recovery period of approximately one week.  Following your blepharoplasty procedure, proper sun protection is critical, and it is strongly recommended that you wear darkly tinted sunglasses until the healing process is complete.  Post-blepharoplasty bruising, swelling, irritation, and dry eyes, may be treated with antibiotic ointments, pain medication, and cold compresses.

*Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


Dr. Richards understands that every patient has unique medical needs and aesthetic preferences, which is why our treatment philosophy is based upon the foundational principle of individualized customization. In practice, this concept amounts to in-depth consultations, treatment plans that have been tailored to meet your specific needs, and comprehensive patient education, both before and after your eyelid surgery.

Dr. Richards makes it a priority to spend ample time with each patient, and to be highly accessible to his patients during every phase of their cosmetic surgery experience. If you are in interested in having your eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Richards, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Richards.

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