Electing to undergo breast surgery is an intimate and highly personal decision. Patients are often driven to seek out breast surgery for very diverse reasons, such as:

  • Increasing breast size and volume with breast augmentation surgery*
  • Treating medical or aesthetic complications resulting from the condition of macromastia (large, heavy breasts in women) with breast reduction surgery*
  • Correcting aesthetic issues related to the condition of gynecomastia (overly large breasts in men) with male breast reduction surgery*
  • Addressing and resolving the problem of breast ptosis (sagging breasts) with a breast lift procedure*
  • Improving upon the results of a previous breast surgery with a breast revision procedure*
  • Rebuilding authentic-looking breasts with breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy, double mastectomy, or radiation therapy

Breast surgery techniques have advanced significantly over the past ten years, as modern implant technology and surgical methods have allowed for the complete customization of each breast procedure. However, in order to reap the benefits of these new developments, it is important to have your breast surgery performed by a skillful plastic surgeon who has made the necessary effort to keep current with the latest innovations in the breast surgery field.(

At the private plastic surgery practice of Dr. Bryson Richards, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Richards is acutely aware of the evolutionary nature of breast surgery trends, and has shown vigilant dedication to the process of continuous education, as a means of providing safe procedures, reduced recovery times, and natural-looking results.* Dr. Richards is pleased to offer safe and effective breast surgery options that can be customized to fulfill the specific aesthetic goals of each patient:

Dr. Richards realizes that every patient has unique medical needs and aesthetic preferences, which is why his treatment philosophy is based upon the foundational principle of individualized customization. In practice, this concept amounts to: in-depth consultations, treatment plans that have been tailored to meet your specific needs, and comprehensive patient education, both before and after your breast surgery procedure.

Even after reading a vividly written description of a particular breast surgery, it can sometimes be difficult to envision exactly what you will look like after undergoing the procedure. For this reason, Dr. Richards has equipped his office with the Crisalix Visual Aesthetics system, a state-of-the-art computer program capable of transforming 2D standard pictures into a 3D simulation. By creating an accurate depiction of your potential results, Crisalix can help you to:

  • Present your breast surgery goals in a clear, accurate way
  • Select the optimal size/shape/type/profile of breast implants for your frame
  • Feel completely confident and comfortable going into surgery

*Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


It is one of Dr. Richards’ top priorities to spend ample time with each patient, and to be highly accessible to his patients during every phase of their aesthetic enhancement experience. If you have questions concerning a specific breast surgery procedure, or about breast surgery in general, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Richards.

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