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Liposuction Recovery | Plastic Surgery | Lake Havasu | Las VegasLiposuction Surgery Recovery

A number of surgical techniques to perform liposuction cosmetic surgery are available today. Recovery process will depend on the technique used as well as the extent of surgery performed. Some patients may need only minor liposuction plastic surgery in a small area such as neck, chin, knees or calves, while some others may need the surgery in multiple areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, or breasts.

The patient’s health status and their natural ability to heal will also make a difference to how quickly the recovery is completed. Dr. Bryson Richards is an experienced plastic surgeon providing liposuction and other procedures to patients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. During the initial consultation, he will discuss various aspects of the surgery, including the expected recovery process.

Recovery Period

Busy moms and working people will typically be more concerned about the downtime involved in liposuction. The cosmetic surgeon will discuss the estimated recovery period during the initial consultation to help the patient make an informed decision. Most of the patients may be able to return to their workplace after a week, provided the job does put undue physical stress in the treated areas for the first few weeks. If the cosmetic surgery has been more extensive, involving multiple areas, the downtime may be up to two weeks.

To expedite the healing process and to reduce swelling, the cosmetic surgeon will wrap the treated area with a compressive garment once the procedure is over. Swelling and bruising will begin to reduce quickly after the first week, but the swelling will completely disappear only after several months. The patient will feel more confident as the new, enhanced body contour shows gradually.

Instructions for the Patient

The plastic surgeon will provide detailed care instructions to be followed during the recovery. Dr. Richards makes sure that his patients in Las Vegas and other areas know the best ways to protect themselves against infections and heal faster with minimal pain and discomfort. The instructions will typically cover the following aspects:

o Caring for the wounds in the initial period until the temporary drains are in place.
o When to use pain medications and antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.
o Unusual signs to look for, when the surgeon must be contacted for an emergency review.
o Date for the first follow-up visit for removal of drains and sutures, and review of the healing progress.

Questions about Recovery

The patient should clarify their doubts and concerns related to recovery at the time of pre-op consultations, or following the procedure before they leave the office. Some of the typical queries may be as follows:

o Should I arrange for additional help for home for a few days?
o How long will I have to wear the compression garment, and should it be worn full-time?
o What kind of light exercises should I perform to expedite recovery?
o When will I be able to return to work and perform my daily activities normally?

Recovery will be relatively faster in case the surgeon makes use of tumescent surgical technique for liposuction, which does not involve general anesthesia.

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