How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Las Vegas?

Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Las Vegas | Plastic Surgery|Medical SpaWhen considering breast implant cosmetic surgery, the most important part is to choose the breast surgeon after careful evaluation. With a properly trained and experienced surgeon, the patient can be assured of receiving top quality care and results that meet or exceed her expectations.

A plastic surgeon with impeccable credentials and training will be able to minimize the risk of complications and produce results that are not only aesthetically superior but also healthy, sustainable in the long run, and natural looking. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides breast implant surgery to patients in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding communities.


Meet the Surgeon

In the online era, it has become rather easy to identify multiple surgeons with strong qualifications and thorough credentials in plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants. In such situations, the patient should decide to have an initial appointment with one or more surgeons and choose the one with whom she feels more comfortable.

While an objective assessment of their qualifications, training, and experience is important, the patient should ultimately trust her instinct and determine at which surgical practice she feels more confident, and feels encouraged to share her innermost concerns and doubts.


Qualifications and Training

The cosmetic surgeon should have obtained a medical degree from a recognized medical school in the US, completed their residency, and received additional specialized training in plastic surgery. Surgeons who are experienced and have performed several breast surgery procedures in the past will be in a better position to handle unexpected situations, if they arise during the procedure.

Training and experience enable a surgeon to customize the breast implant procedure, help the patient make the right choice of implant type and size, and perform the procedure with discreetly placed, smaller incisions. Their goal is to minimize risk, shorten the recovery period and produce more targeted and effective outcomes. Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Richards receives patients from in and around Las Vegas, NV.


Plastic Surgery Privileges

The breast implant surgeon should ideally have hospital privileges at one or more local hospitals. Having hospital privileges implies that the surgeon is allowed to operate out of a state licensed, accredited or Medicare-certified hospital or surgical center. A surgeon will receive these privileges only after they have been approved by a committee, which evaluates their eligibility on several counts, including education, training, and aptitude.

Therefore, when a patient chooses a surgeon who has hospital privileges, she will not have access to advanced surgical facilities with high standards of care, but also she will be more confident about the recognition and authority of the plastic surgeon.


Patient Satisfaction Levels

One of the clearest indicators while choosing a breast implant surgeon could be how far the surgeon’s existing or past patients feel satisfied with their results. If the surgeon has a highly successful track record of breast implant procedures with high patient satisfaction rates, it will give confidence to a new patient to choose that surgeon. Patient testimonials, both written and video recorded, can serve as a useful tool to assess the patient satisfaction levels of a surgeon.


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