What is the Recovery Time after Breast Revision Plastic Surgery?

Recovery Time after Breast Revision Plastic Surgery | Las VegasRecovery is a vital component of any breast revision cosmetic surgery procedure. The breast surgeon will discuss all aspects of the recovery and informed the estimated recovery time to the patient at the time of initial consultation. This will allow the patient to plan for recovery in advance and apply for leave from their workplace as required.

Dr. Bryson Richards is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast revision and various other procedures. Dr. Richards will give detailed post-surgical care instructions and help the patient to go through a safer and faster recovery. Patients in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive breast revision surgery from Dr. Richards.


Estimated Downtime

The patient should be prepared to go through a certain amount of downtime following breast revision plastic surgery. Revision procedures are less common in case of breast lift or breast reduction, but if a revision is necessary, it may involve a downtime of a week to 10 days in these procedures. In many cases, the downtime involved in these revision procedures may be more than what they had to undergo during the primary surgery.

In case of breast augmentation revision surgery, the downtime will depend on whether the procedure involves breast implant replacement or removal. In case of replacement, the procedure is usually simpler, and may only involve a downtime of five to seven days. However, in case of breast implant removal, the downtime may be about 10 to 14 days because the procedure is usually accompanied by breast lift surgery.

In any case, the downtime as well as the overall recovery period will vary from one patient to another depending on the size of breasts, the type of surgical technique used, the size of implants, the extent of revision required, the patient’s natural ability to heal, and how diligently she follows the surgeon’s recovery instructions.


Guidelines for a Speedy Recovery

Following breast revision surgery, the patient should take plenty of rest during the first week and stay hydrated. Short walks in the home are encouraged in this period to promote blood flow and expedite healing. Vigorous activities that put a strain on the incisions, heavy weight lifting, and excessive bending should be avoided for at least two to three weeks.

The patient should strictly adhere to the instructions of the cosmetic surgeon regarding refraining from smoking and avoiding certain medications, herbal supplements and vitamins even after the surgery. Smoking can interfere with the healing process and create complications. The incision areas should be kept clean and free of contact as far as possible to minimize the risk of infection.

In the first two to three days after the surgery, cold compresses should be applied over the incisions. This will help to reduce swelling. The patient should sleep on her back in a slightly elevated position to mitigate the pressure on the breasts. Post-surgical diet should be rich in lean proteins, which will support faster tissue healing. Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV and nearby areas for breast revision surgery.


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