Preparing for Facelift Plastic Surgery

Preparing for Facelift Plastic Surgery | Las Vegas Cosmetic SurgeryA sterling preparation for facelift cosmetic surgery will help to keep the patient healthy and relaxed before, during, and after the procedure. Preparation starts at the time of pre-operative consultation. Patients who are well-prepared for the facelift surgery will usually achieve safer and more desirable outcomes.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides facelift to patients in Las Vegas, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Pahrump, Mesquite NV, and surrounding locations.

Tobacco and Blood Thinners

At least two to three weeks prior to facelift plastic surgery, the patient will have to stop the use of tobacco in any form. The habit of smoking prevents oxygen from flowing freely in the blood, which can delay healing and increase the risk of surgical complications.

Blood thinning medications, vitamin E and herbal supplements will also have to be stopped. The schedule of any prescribed drugs may have to be altered in consultation with the physician.


Practical Arrangements

Working people should apply for about one to two weeks leave from work to allow for safe healing at home after facelift surgery. Even non-working patients should start mentally preparing for the downtime. Arrangements for transportation from the surgical facility to home as well as after-care should be made well in advance.

Any major household chores should be completed before the surgery so that the patient is under minimal stress during the post-operative phase. The patient may consider preparing a ‘recovery kit’ that can include various handy items that may be needed during the initial downtime period. These may include:

  • Prescription medications and antibiotics
  • Over the counter pain meds
  • Bandages
  • Several pillows to keep the head elevated
  • Button-down garments that do not require going overhead
  • Favorite movie DVDs and music CDs


The Day before Surgery

The patient should have a thoroughly wash the hair on the day prior to the facelift surgery. This will help to reduce the risk of infection during the procedure. Alcohol must not be consumed at least one night prior to the surgery. The patient should make sure to rest sufficiently and have a good night’s sleep so that they are well-rested during the procedure.


The Day of Surgery

The patient may be administered some medication to relieve their anxiety on the morning of the surgery. Antibiotic regimen may also be started prior to the surgery. The procedure can take between two and four hours, so the patient and their attendant should have an idea of how long it may continue.

Once the procedure is over, the patient will be moved to an observation area for a few hours before they can return home. Before leaving, the surgeon will usually provide a detailed list of recovery instructions along with the date of first post-op appointment.


Transport and Aftercare

The patient should have someone to drive them back home after the surgery. For the first few days following the surgery, having some to help with daily chores can make the recovery easier. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Pahrump, Mesquite NV, and nearby areas for facelift.


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