Liposuction Plastic Surgery Vs Laser Liposuction

Liposuction Plastic Surgery Vs Laser Liposuction

Generally liposuction refers to a surgical procedure wherein some of the areas in your body is reshaped and slimmed by the removal of excess fat from those targeted areas. The procedure is also commonly known as ‘lipo’ and is a very popular method used by renowned cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons to contour your body structure.

The method of liposuction is mainly used on the below mentioned areas to remove the excess fat from such areas-

    • Upper Arms
    • Waist
    • Abdomen
    • Buttocks
    • Hips
    • Back
    • Chest area
    • Inner knee
    • Neck
    • Cheek
    • Chin
    • Ankles

However you need to remember that liposuction is not an alternative to proper exercise and diet or cannot be used to combat problems like obesity and cellulite deposits in your body.

Laser assisted liposuction

There are also various different techniques or methods used to perform a liposuction surgery. Laser assisted liposuction is amongst one of them. In this kind of laser assisted procedure the fat in the targeted area is melted by the use of laser. The laser is introduced into your body by the help of a micro cannula through which a fiber is threaded. It is a somewhat similar procedure to ultrasound assisted liposuction and is also known as ‘Slim lipo’ or ‘Smart Lipo’. The chances of bleeding and bruises are less in laser assisted liposuction as compared to a normal liposuction plastic surgery.

Comparison between laser lipo and traditional lipo

There is a lot of difference when you compare a laser liposuction to traditional liposuction plastic surgery. Both are surgical methods used to contour the shape of your body by removal of excess fat from certain areas. However in the laser assisted procedure the chance of blood loss is less. Bruising is also significantly less in laser assisted lipo. Local anesthesia is used in laser assisted lipo as against the general anesthesia used during a traditional lipo. The recovery period for both the procedures is different as well. For a traditional lipo it can go up to weeks but for a laser assisted surgery the recovery is faster. It takes a day or two for the patient to recover depending on the amount of fat that is removed from the body.

However despite all of these differences you need to keep a most important fact in mind that when undergoing a liposuction procedure it is imperative that you consult a trained, expert and certified cosmetic surgeon. Because if your surgeon is not good then there is a very high possibility that you might end up in disastrous results after you undergo a liposuction surgery. So if you are thinking of opting for a liposuction the first and foremost thing to do is to consult a plastic surgeon that is well capable of performing such a surgery.

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