Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

Laser hair removal is an innovative and advanced procedure to achieve hair reduction in targeted areas without involving cosmetic surgery. At the time of pre-op consultation, the laser expert will explain all about the procedure, and may also present laser hair removal before and after photographs before the patient.

The first goal of a responsible laser provider will be to educate the patient about the benefits and limitations of the treatment and explain its potential effectiveness. This will help the patient to make a well-informed decision. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides laser hair removal to patients in Las Vegas, NV, and other cities and communities in this part of Nevada.


What are Laser Hair Removal Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of laser hair removal refer to a set of pictures belonging to a previous patient who has received the same treatment with satisfactory results. The pictures include images taken prior to the treatment and after the treatment at a stage when all laser treatment sessions are over and full results of the procedure are visible.

The treatment provider will take care to ensure that laser hair removal photographs are obtained with the patient’s complete consent and shown to new patients in a discreet and appropriate manner. The patient’s identity may be kept confidential as per the established protocol. The provider’s only purpose in this effort is to use the photos as a visual tool to educate new patients about laser hair removal treatment.



When a candidate is seeking laser hair removal treatment for the first time, they may have apprehensions about how laser treatment will affect their skin and whether it will help to meet the patient’s personal aesthetic goals. Some patients may like to receive only limited treatment in a small area, while some others may need more pervasive treatment in multiple, larger surface areas.

Unlike plastic surgery, laser hair removal does not involve significant risks, but a new patient may have concerns which can be more convincingly addressed with the help of laser hair removal before and after photos.


Reasonable Expectations

The laser hair removal expert will help the patient to develop reasonable expectations from the treatment, and give them a clear idea about the estimated number of treatment sessions and future touch-up treatments required. At the same time, they can use laser hair removal before and after photos to give a clear idea to the patient about what the procedure can or cannot do for them.

Patients with reasonable expectations will typically be able to appreciate the final results in a better way and achieve higher satisfaction levels. Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas for laser hair removal.


Photos on the Website

The laser treatment provider has an option to upload laser hair removal before and after photos on their practice website. New patients can simply review the photos online from the privacy and convenience of their home or office, and then decide whether to seek a personal laser hair removal appointment with the provider.

This is the amazing aspect of digital technology and the plastic surgery community has done a remarkable job of embracing it. This is not the only industry that has embraced digital technology, not even close. Now patients can make genuine and valid decisions based on cutting edge information in ways they could not many years ago. The days of having to rely on the spoken word of a doctor or a vague brochure are over with.

Patients can make this laser hair removal decision without notifying anyone or driving anywhere. And if they choose to meet with Dr. Richards they can be much more informed if they have already scrutinized the online pictures on the site. This allows the patient to better understand the process and so forth.
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