What is a Mid Facelift?

What is a Mid Facelift?  | Bullhead City | Vegas Plastic SurgeryAs a person ages, the facial skin will begin to lose its tone and elasticity. The mid face or the cheek area as well as area below the eyelids may tend to sag, creating a haggard look. Mid facelift cosmetic surgery can restore a youthful and smooth appearance of the cheeks and lower eyelid area.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will carefully determine the patient’s candidacy for a mid facelift and educate them about various aspects of the procedure. Stellar, hardworking, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides mid facelift surgery to patients in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding communities in this area of The Battle Born State.



Mid facelift plastic surgery is aimed at improving the areas around the nose, eyes, and corners of the mouth. Patients who seek cheek lift when the neck and areas below the chin do not require elevation can ideally benefit from this procedure. While some surgeons perform mid facelift surgery with traditional lower facelift techniques, others may recommend endoscopic facelift techniques to improve precision and recovery time.


Evaluation for Customize Surgical Plan

The surgeon will perform the following assessments to create a custom mid facelift plan:

  • Assess the mid face for asymmetries, the location of the lateral canthi, the amount of anterior and lateral projection of the cheek, and the depth of the nasolabial creases.
  • Evaluate whether the bulk of mid face volume deficit lies laterally, medially, or in the sub-malar region.
  • Determine whether facial fat transfer or cheek implants may have to be combined with mid facelift surgery.


Surgical Procedure

Following anesthesia, the surgeon will create precise incisions in the muscle tissue of the mid face. If the procedure is performed endoscopically, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera device through the incisions to view the internal structures clearly. The surgeon will then redistribute or correct the mid face fat and muscle tissue, gently pulling up the middle of the face to smooth and tighten the skin.

Once the surgery is completed, the incisions will be closed with sutures and the healing process will begin. The incisions will initially be covered with bandages. Fabulous and judicious cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas across the horizon for a mid facelift.


Surgical Techniques for Mid Facelift

If the surgeon chooses a traditional mid facelift technique, they will use an incision hidden in the lower lash line to gain access to the cheeks and lower eyelids. An incision in the nasolabial fold may also be made in some cases. The traditional technique is more appropriate in cases where the patient primarily needs the tissues to be lifted upward, rather than horizontally or diagonally.

The other technique involves the use of an endoscope and creates slight more dramatic results. The surgeon will perform the procedure by placing two endoscopic incisions in the temples, hidden behind the hairline. Through these access points, the surgeon will lift facial muscles and skin both vertically and diagonally.

With both types of techniques, a mid facelift can improve under-eye bags, hollowness in the upper cheeks, and prominent nasal folds.

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