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Xeomin Before and After Photos | Las Vegas

Xeomin Wrinkle Reduction Before After Photo

Xeomin is among the latest non-invasive options to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on face. Though it has been in the market for only one year as of now, it is being compared heavily with old and popular options like Botox and Dysport. Xeomin works similar to Botox – both contain the same base ingredient, botulinum toxin, which is most popularly used for reducing wrinkle-temperance. However, unlike Botox, Xeomin is free from additives. While Botox takes up to five days to show results, the effects of Xeomin can be seen within three days.

How effective is Xeomin?

Xeomin works by cutting the communication between brain and the muscle tissue that triggers reactions like laughing or frowning. Once the communication channel is disrupted, the muscle tissue continues staying in a relaxed state. It not just takes care of the wrinkles already on the face, but also prevents the formation of more creases. It does not mean that you no longer get to express your feelings through facial expressions. The injections only prevent your face from forming deep contractions.

Xeomin is among the most effective tools of improving the appearance of not just mild to moderate frown lines, but also the severe ones. Another advantage is that Xeomin works comparatively faster and its effects are long lasting too. You can visit the office of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards to know more about the different non-invasive surgeries available for treating and reducing wrinkles.

Before and after photos

Xeomin Wrinkle Reduction Before After Photos

Xeomin Wrinkle Reduction Before After Picture

To compare the results of the procedure and to show you how effective the injections have been, your surgeon will suggest taking pictures of your face before the treatment. He/She will again take your pictures after the treatment so that you can analyze the difference in your skin – which will look much younger, with the appearance of wrinkles having reduced. If you take the injections for wrinkles on your forehead, you will notice a smoother forehead a few days after the treatment. Same goes for every other area – around your eyes and between your eyebrows. The results may last for as long as three to four months.

To get the best results, you need to follow a few instructions though, both before and after the treatment. Avoid taking aspirin or any product containing high level of vitamin E for ten days prior to the procedure, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. As soon as the treatment is complete, the injected area will look swollen, which may stay that way for 20 minutes to a few hours. It is normal and nothing to worry about. You can continue with your regular skin care routine immediately after the treatment.

If you are considering taking Xeomin injections and live in the Las Vegas you can contact the office of Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bryson Richards.

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*Source: Before & After Photos provided by xeominaesthetic.com