Laser Skin Resurfacing Recovery

Laser skin resurfacing is a prudent, proven, and effective anti-aging procedure. It can revitalize the skin reducing the impact of aging, sun exposure, and certain facial skin disorders without involving cosmetic surgery.

The outcomes and recovery duration of laser skin resurfacing differ based on the size of the treatment area and the laser being used for the procedure. Treatments that are most invasive may offer substantial enhancements. However, they involve an extensive healing period of many weeks.

A milder laser skin rejuvenation treatment may mitigate some skin aberrations and may involve negligible or no downtime. Patients should consult an experienced aesthetic surgeon to understand the most suitable procedure for their individual case and the approximate recovery duration and outcomes that they may anticipate.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides laser skin resurfacing to patients in Las Vegas, NV and nearby communities in this area of the southwest.

Mild and Temporary Side Effects

Unlike plastic surgery, laser skin resurfacing may only lead to occasional side effects in individual patients. But these side effects are typically minor and resolve by themselves in a short duration. Patients commonly experience side effects such as skin redness, inflammation in the treated site, and moderate irritation similar to that caused by mild sunburn.  

In exceptional cases, laser skin resurfacing has led to side effects such as scarring, burning, or alteration in skin pigmentation. A well-trained surgeon will discuss these potential risks and complications with the patient during the pre-treatment consultation.

Expected Recovery

The patient will take around two weeks to recover after laser skin resurfacing treatment. In this duration, the treated site will heal, and a fresh layer of healthy skin will be apparent.

The recovery time after a laser skin treatment differs. The type of laser used determines the recovery duration in most cases. The recovery period is usually around two weeks after a CO2 laser treatment. Erbium laser skin resurfacing to treat fine lines and superficial wrinkles involve recovery duration of only around one week. Patients undergoing Fraxel laser treatments heal after just a few days of the treatment.

Redness or pinkness of the skin typically lasts for a longer time. It can even persist for up to many months. In case this occurs, patients may use makeup to cover the discoloration until it subsides.

Patients considering laser skin resurfacing should plan to remain away from work for a period of one to two weeks. The extent of the treatment will determine how long they need to take leave from work.

The recovery time for individual laser skin resurfacing patients differs in each case. The recovery duration following this procedure depends mostly on the overall health and lifestyle of the patient as well as how fast their body heals.

Is recovery painful?

Patients may experience some inflammation and discomfort during the recovery phase after laser skin resurfacing procedure.

However, the pain and discomfort can be addressed easily. The surgeon may provide the patient with pain medications to manage the discomfort. Committed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV and neighboring communities in The Sage Brush State for laser skin resurfacing.

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