Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

Breast Lift Plastic Surgery Cost

Women who pay attention to their body image and want to look youthful often consider breast lift surgery to feel confident and good about themselves. And why not, for the procedure lasts a little over a couple of hours and produces great results. The plastic surgery involves making the breasts firm by removing extra skin and making the tissue tighter.

Women consider breast lifts if they have sagging breasts following weight loss or pregnancy, or when they have asymmetrical breasts. Breast lift is also an option for women undergoing breast reconstruction procedures. If you are pregnant or considering pregnancy, you will do well to put off a breast lift.

How is it done?

If you live in Las Vegas you could approach Dr Bryson Richards, a plastic surgeon, who will first examine you, check your medical history, and ask you to go off smoking and drinking for a certain duration before plastic surgery.

The cosmetic surgery involves making incisions; your surgeon will decide where to make the incisions, around the region of the nipples, along the crease of the breast in a horizontal manner or stretching downward from the region around the nipples to the creases of the breast. Once your cosmetic surgeon decides on where the incision is made, he will remove the extra skin, and reposition your nipples. The incisions are then closed; little tubes could be placed near the site of the incision to take out extra fluid or blood. You will also be given a surgical bra after the surgery. The procedure could be performed either under general or local anesthesia. The latter makes only the part of the body being operated upon numb.

Cost of the cosmetic surgery

Dr Bryson Richard and his team will explain to you that breast lifts are considered cosmetic/plastic surgeries and are therefore not covered by medical insurance. However, if a breast lift is performed as part of a mastectomy reconstruction, it is considered a medical procedure.

The cost depends on location of the facility, your choice of a cosmetic surgeon, and whether the surgery is performed in a hospital or a center which is also the office of your surgeon. Costs involve the facility/hospital charges, surgeon’s fees, costs of anesthesia, surgical bras and other prescriptions.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) states that a breast lift surgery could cost anywhere around $4,207, as per 2013 data. The fee doesn’t include operation venue facilities, anesthesia or other related costs. The surgeon’s fee depends on the procedure involved, experience and qualifications as well. There are financing options for patients at some facilities, so ask your doctor if there are at the Las Vegas, NV office.

Time for an image boost

If you are looking for a breast lift to improve your body image, all you have to do is locate a qualified surgeon and follow your doctor’s instructions. Maintain your regular healthy diet plan, follow up with your surgeon regularly and ensure that there are no weight fluctuations. Soon enough, the results will begin to show and you will turn into a younger and healthier person.

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