Back Fat Bra Line Lift Plastic Surgery

Back Fat Bra Line Lift Plastic Surgery | Las Vegas | Bullhead CityBra line trunkplasty, also known as a back fat bra line lift, refers to a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to remove bulges and rolls that develop in the middle back because of excess skin and fatty deposits. 

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides back fat bra line lift surgery to patients in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding locations.



While bra line lifts may be undertaken as an individual procedure, they are often performed in combination with upper or lower body lifts as a part of a more comprehensive body rejuvenation approach after weight loss surgery. Patients who undergo bra line lift can expect a significant improvement in their appearance, including the following: 

  • Removal of back rolls around the bikini and bra line
  • Elimination of sagging skin due to weight loss
  • Slimming and sculpting of the torso circumference
  • Development of a tauter, smoother back


What can I expect during a bra line back lift procedure?

A back fat bra line lift plastic surgery can create a tauter, sleeker, smoother definition in the back eliminating bulging above and below the bra strap on the back as well as the sides. 

An incision is made across the back in a region that can be hidden beneath a swimsuit or bra. Excess fat and skin are eliminated during the surgery. The many back “rolls” are smoothed, and the lift extends to the butt area.

After the patient is under sedation and the site targeted for removal has been demarcated, the surgeon will make the incisions. Patients who have a moderate amount of extra back fat may undergo liposuction before the excess skin is excised to develop a tauter, smoother appearance. 

The surgeon will make liposuction incisions within the excess skin targeted for removal if possible. This will help prevent additional scarring from the extra incisions. 

Once the excess fat has been eliminated, the tissue within the pre-marked site is trimmed away, and the skin’s edges are pulled together. This eliminates bra bulges and tightens the back. The tightening effect smoothes the skin between the upper back and top of the butt, but it may not entirely remove the bulges and rolls in the lower body.

Such patients may require supplementary procedures focusing on the lower back to address concerns beyond the bra line. The surgeon will then suture the skin together to complete the procedure. It takes between one to two hours to complete the surgery. 


How long do results last?

The patient will enjoy permanent outcomes after a back fat bra line lift. As long as they maintain healthy body weight, the outcomes will last for years to come. The excess fat eliminated during the procedure will not return. However, an unhealthy diet and lack of activity can lead to the development of new fat in the treated area.


Am I a suitable candidate for a bra line lift?

Ideal candidates for back fat bra line lifts are unhappy with the rolls and bulges on their backs due to the presence of excess fat and skin laxity in the middle back area. Loose skin usually develops due to weight loss in many bra line lift patients. However, this procedure can also correct loose skin due to prolonged sun exposure as well as the effects of aging. 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas for back fat bra line lift surgery.

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