What questions should you ask your plastic surgeon about ear surgery (otoplasty)?

Questions to Ask your Plastic Surgeon about Ear Surgery | Las VegasA patient seeking a cosmetic surgery procedure such as otoplasty should first gather as much information on the procedure as they can to make an enlightened decision.

At the time of the pre-operative consultation, the patient should unhesitatingly ask the surgeon questions and clear any doubts that they may have regarding the procedure.

The patient should ideally enlist all questions that they want to ask the surgeon and carry this list to the consultation.

A responsible surgeon will try to answer all the patient’s questions in a thorough manner and explain the benefits and limitations of the procedure. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards provides ear reshaping surgery to patients in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding locations.


Essential Questions to Ask


  • Am I a suitable candidate for ear reshaping surgery?
  • What surgical technique would you recommend for my otoplasty surgery?
  • Will my procedure be performed under local or general anesthesia?
  • What will be the location of the incisions? Will it cause visible scarring in the future?
  • What preparatory steps do I need to undertake for the procedure?
  • Will the recovery process be painful and extended?
  • What are the potential complications and side effects associated with ear reshaping surgery?
  • Can I view otoplasty before and after pictures?
  • If there is an emergency situation during the procedure or recovery period, is your practice appropriately equipped to manage it?
  • Following the surgery, is it possible to make changes to the ears in the future?



Questions about Surgical Preparation and Procedure

Otoplasty Surgery Preparation

The surgeon will offer the patient detailed instructions on preparing for otoplasty plastic surgery after determining their candidacy. The patient will have to avoid smoking and discontinue certain types of drugs for a few days.


Scarring after Ear Surgery

The surgeon will make incisions in hidden locations, such as behind the ear where it links to the head, or within the inner ear folds. This will create minimal noticeable scarring. But the scarring may differ between patients depending on the extent of the otoplasty.



Children have soft ear cartilage, which may prompt the surgeon to use splints to create new ear contours. This plastic surgery procedure will be undertaken with the child under anesthesia.

On the other hand, adult cartilage is hard. Therefore, ear reshaping surgery in adults may involve removing or repositioning ear cartilage after making a small incision in the ear.


Day of the Surgery

Otoplasty is usually undertaken on an outpatient basis. The patient should arrange for someone to drive them home after their otoplasty procedure. The surgery typically takes between one and two hours to complete.


Questions about the Cost

  • What are the approximate costs of otoplasty at your practice?
  • Does this estimate include the anesthesiologist’s fees and expenses related to the surgical venue?
  • What are the cost for post-operative necessities such as prescription medicines and medical exams?


Questions about Insurance and Financing

If the patient seeks ear reshaping surgery to address birth defects, they may be eligible to receive coverage from the insurer.

But if the patient is not eligible for insurance coverage, they may consider loans from professional medical care financing firms. The surgeon’s team may be able to guide the patient on the various financing alternatives available to them.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryson Richards receives patients from Las Vegas, NV, and nearby areas for ear reshaping surgery.
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