Tummy Tuck Surgery (abdominoplasty) Cost Las Vegas

Tummy Tuck Surgery (abdominoplasty) 

Abdominoplasty, more commonly and popularly known as the ‘tummy tuck’ surgery is an aesthetic procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed on both men and women to correct an overtly protruding tummy. Especially post childbirth or after a drastic loss in weight, excess fat tends to particularly accumulate in the abdomen region. To reduce this accumulated fat, tissues and loose skin and further tighten up the abdominal muscles to give the tummy a firm and well-toned appearance, the tummy tuck surgery is performed by specialized cosmetic surgeon.

This abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery has been gaining immense popularity over the passing years. Due to the growing demand for a tummy tuck, more and more surgeons in the field of plastic surgery have become increasingly inclined towards specializing and mastering this tummy tuck practice.

Cost of plastic surgery

The overall cost of tummy tuck  cosmetic surgery can vary widely. This variation depends on several cost factors involved such as the anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, other hospital related expenses such as medical tests, medication, surgeon’s fees etc.

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A plastic surgeon’s fee further varies depending on certain select criteria such as the experience the surgeon upholds, the patient’s case, the surgical procedure performed, the region of country his/her office is located in and so on. On taking all expenses into account, the final cost of the abdominoplasty surgery, can range anywhere from USD 4,000 to USD 9,000 or even more.

Types of surgeries

There are predominantly two main categories that the abdominoplasty surgery falls into. One being the complete abdominoplasty and the other being partial/mini abdominoplasty. The mini abdominoplasty is approximately half the cost as that of the complete abdominoplasty. Not all plastic surgeries are a guaranteed success in the first attempt and might need a follow up work to arrive at the desired appearance. The costs involved for this are separate.

Abdominoplasty and insurance

On financial grounds, it should be noted that the tummy tuck surgery and its complications if any, may not fall under the health insurance bracket. However, there are a few exceptions. Certain cases wherein the individual has experienced massive weight loss due to dieting or because he/she underwent a weight loss surgery such as the bariatric surgery, are proven eligible for insurance. To address this issue, few cosmetic surgeons have introduced certain financial plans that would prove beneficial to the patient.

Not all but a large number of plastic surgery facilities these days are associated with healthcare credit card, that supports financing cosmetic surgical procedures such as the tummy tuck surgery.

In many cosmetic surgery offices, the payment plans not only covers the surgery fees but also other surgery related expenses such as anesthesia, hospital care and so on. It is advisable to discuss your payment options and finance plans with your practitioner prior to the surgery.

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