Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

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Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure gained more popularity in recent years following advancements in surgical techniques and innovations in silicone breast implant qualities. Dr. Bryson Richards is a dedicated plastic surgeon in Las Vegas providing breast surgeries and other procedures to patients in and around the region.

At the time of the initial consultation for breast augmentation plastic surgery, Dr. Richards will discuss various aspects of the procedure, including its estimated costs in order to help the patient make an informed choice.

Factors Impact the Cost

Breast augmentation cost can vary from one practice to another and even from one patient to another at the same practice. Various factors will go into determining the overall cost.

Location of the Practice

Practice location can have an influence on the cost of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. The cost of living index usually varies between different regions, and it will influence the average cost of most goods and services, including breast surgery. For instance, the cost of breast augmentation in Las Vegas may not be the same as the cost of the same procedure in say, Phoenix.

Fee Charged by the Surgeon

The plastic surgeon will typically charge a fee depending on their qualifications, experience and recognition in the field of breast augmentation. As per the recommendation of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), patients should opt for the right surgeon for their needs, and the fee of the surgeon should only be considered as a secondary factor.

Anesthesia and Surgical Facility Expenses

The surgeon may decide to perform breast augmentation plastic surgery using general anesthesia. This will involve additional costs in terms of the anesthesiologist’s fee. The kind of facilities, equipment, experienced staff, and personalized service provided at a particular operating facility will also make a difference to the overall costs of the procedure.

Cost of Implants

Breast implants will constitute a significant portion of the total costs of breast augmentation surgery. Silicone implants will costs a little more than the saline implants. However, both types of implants are in use, and the surgeon may recommend the right choice of implants. Some of the latest FDA approved qualities in highly cohesive silicone implants will cost more, but these may offer better advantages in terms of the natural touch and feel of the implant.

Average Cost of Breast Augmentation

The average cost of breast augmentation in the US in 2013, as per the figures released by the ASPS, was $4,000. This is just a basic cost figure, which does not account for the costs of type of implants, surgical facility, general anesthesia and other related expenses. The cost will also vary depending on the complexity of a particular case, type of implants used, and various other factors as discussed above. On average, the total cost of breast augmentation can vary between $7,000 and $12,000.

Insurance and Financing

The cost of breast augmentation may be covered by insurance only if the procedure is performed for medical reasons. Financing options such as personal borrowings, loans from the bank, credit card extended payments, and financing through professional medical care finance firms are available to most patients.

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