Tru Beauty by Trevor

Trevor L. – Expert Cosmetic Injector, Operative and Recovery Nurse

Trevor L. is a master injector at Richards Cosmetic Surgery with nearly a decade of experience working with today’s most sought-after injectables. Patients can see Trevor for several treatments using injectables that can take years of their appearance or enhance their natural features.


BOTOX Cosmetic is still one of the most popular injectables for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can help prevent aging-related damage, such as eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet, and ‘bunny lines’ that add years to your appearance. Trevor also provides Dysport, an alternative to Botox.

Dermal Fillers

Patients looking to add volume to the cheeks or achieve a more youthful appearance can fill out lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers. Trevor has extensive experience with fillers, including:

  • Radiesse
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Voluma

Sculptra Buttock Augmentation

Now one of the most sought-after treatments, Sculptra Buttock Augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that can help create a more feminine silhouette. Trevor has extensive experience working with Sculptra and helps patients achieve their ideal figure with a customized buttock augmentation procedure using a series of Sculptra injections.

In addition to fillers, Trevor offers Kybella injections for fat reduction around the face. This treatment involves injecting a solution that breaks down fat tissue. He can customize a treatment with Kybella injections to help create the appearance of a more sculpted neck and jawline.

About Trevor L.

In addition to providing injectables at the practice, Trevor works in the operating room and recovery room at Richards Cosmetic Surgery as an Operative and Recovery Nurse. Trevor was born in Southern Utah and grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He earned his nursing degree in Sioux Falls and has worked in the medical field as a Trauma and Emergency Room Nurse, Flight Nurse, and ICU/Pulmonary Nurse. He has also worked in the Interventional Radiology department.

When he isn’t serving patients at Richards Cosmetic Surgery, Trevor enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and four children. He is also a fitness enthusiast and an IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitor.

Find out more about cosmetic injectables and other services available from our expert cosmetic injector, Trevor L. Contact our practice today to schedule your private consultation.

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