QWO Cellulite Treatment

Richards Laser Center & Med Spa now offers QWO – the world’s first and only FDA-approved injection treatment for stubborn cellulite. Women who are bothered by the appearance of unsightly cellulite and dimpling effects in their lower body – especially the buttocks and the back of thighs – can benefit from QWO injectable treatment.

Visible Results in Weeks

QWO cellulite injectable treatment will create proven, visible results in less than 10 weeks. Extensive clinical trials involving more than 1,800 adult women have shown visible reduction in moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks area.

The participating women were administered three injection treatments at 21-day intervals. By the end of the third treatment, most of the women reported visible improvement or elimination of cellulite from the treated areas.

QWO Cellulite Reduction Before & After Photo

10-Minute Injectable Treatment

QWO cellulite treatment is completely non-surgical and involves no general anesthesia or sedation. The entire injection procedure can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. During your appointment, our QWO specialist will evaluate your treatment sites and discuss your personal aesthetic goals.

They will use a tiny needle to inject the prescription medication QWO at precise depths in your skin tissue. No post-injection downtime is involved, and you can simply return to your normal routine or go back to your workplace after the treatment.

How does QWO Work to Remove Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fat begins to accumulate in your dermal skin layers, causing a wavy or dimpled skin effect and a coarse skin texture (akin to an orange peel). A complex condition known as “fibrous septae” is often the root cause behind the dimpling. If left untreated, your cellulite will gradually create the appearance of rough, irregular skin texture and contours.

QWO works in three proven ways to permanently eliminate cellulite:

  • It releases the dimple-causing fibrous bands to smooth your skin
  • It promotes fat redistribution to create even-looking contours
  • It triggers new collagen formation to improve skin elasticity and volume

Skin Remodeling Action of QWO

QWO injections will remodel your skin in the treated areas through a unique enzymatic disruption of fibrous septae. The QWO formulation contains two enzymes, which will start working to degrade the sub-dermal fibrous structures once the medication is injected underneath a dimple. This process will release the cellulite-driven skin depressions and create a smoother skin surface.

In addition, the QWO injections will stimulate the generation of fresh collagen fibers (neocollagenesis), which will continue to tighten and volumize your youthful skin appearance from within over several months. The overall skin remodeling action of QWO can help you achieve aesthetically appealing yet natural looking results.


Safety Profile of QWO Injections

The FDA has approved QWO as the first and only injectable treatment specifically for the cosmetic reduction of cellulite from buttocks in adult women. The approval has come after cumulative clinical testing with hundreds of patients.

The tests have not only demonstrated the efficacy of QWO cellulite injectables, but also proved its high safety profile and very low incidence of potential side effects. Compared to many other non-surgical treatments, the QWO has resulted in much lower possibility of an adverse event.

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